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Materials and Supplies


Design Fundamentals

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Required Supplies

The first list below are the basic required supplies. Additional supplies are listed below the basic list.

These supplies can be purchased from Blicks and other art stores. Blicks often has some good deals and offers student discounts.

Click to download a visual list of basic supplies

Basic List of Supplies
1. Pocket Notebooks/Portfolios
2. One 4 MB USB Drive
3. 18 x 12 inch Cutting Board
4. 15 to 18 inch metal gr-arts ruler
5. Drafting tape or drafting dots
6. Sketch Pad
7. 2H / HB / 2B / 3B / 6B graphite
8. Permanent Markers (thin and thick)
9. Bristol Paper 14 x 17” (15 sheets)
10. Erasers: kneaded and gum
11. Precision knife w/protective cover
(extra blades)
12. Scissors
13. Three Glue Sticks
14. Presentation “matte” boards of various sizes
(to be announced).
> Allow $5 to cover printing costs if required.

Additional Supplies

Some of these supplies are part of the basic list.

Portfolio folder for cutting-mat board and papers
Plastic case for pencils, eraser, etc.

18 x 24 cutting mat
precision knife w/safety cap
8" scissors
6" compass
18" metal ruler cork back
30/60/90 10" triangle
45/45/90 10" triangle

Adhesive Supplies
cement rubber pick-up
rubber cement
tape scotch blue

Paper Supplies
19 x 24 4 sheets (place in bristol pad to keep flat)
14 x 17 bristol /vellum paper (15 sheets)
8.5 x 11 sketchbook

Drawing Supplies
fine point marker
broad tip sharpie marker
2H 2B 4B 6B pencils
2B woodless graphite pencil
kneaded eraser (item #1224)
mars white eraser

Provided Supplies
paper cups
mixing stick
paper towels